Birds Name in Hindi & English (50+ पक्षियों के नाम)

Birds name in Hindi & English 50+ पक्षियों के नाम in table format with images, pdf, video birds play a very important role in the environment cycle there 10000 plus species exist in the world we are given common see birds are seen in our surrounding in Hindi and English language its help your school and assignment or project.

There are many different types of birds that are seen in lakes, trees, flying, ground, city, etc without birds they are impossible to run environment cycle All birds are different from each other like some birds are running or flying or swimming, etc type of birds exist in earth lets see their name.

Birds Name

1.woodpecker birdWoodpecker
2.Weaver birdWeaverबयापक्षी
3.swan birdSwanहंस
4.sparrow birdSparrowगौरेया
5.Skylark birdSkylarkचकवा
7.Raven birdRavenकाला कौआ
8.PigeonsPigeons/ Doveकबूतर
11.Peregrine FalconPeregrine Falconशाहीन
15.Painted StorkPainted Storkकठसारंग/ जंघिल/ कंकरी
20.LarkLarkभारव्दाज़ पक्षी
22.KingfisherKingfisherराम चिरैया
23.Indian RobinIndian Robinकाली चिड़ी
24.Indian Bush LarkIndian Bush Larkअगीया
25.flamingo flamingoराजहंस
26.HeronHeronअंधा बगुला
28.Grey PartridgeGrey Partridgeतीतर
29.Great EgretGreat Egretबगुला
30.GooseGooseहंस/ कलहंस
31.FalconFalcon/ Falcoबाज़
32.Eurasian HobbyEurasian Hobbyकश्मिरी मोरास्सानी, धूती
33.Egyptian VultureEgyptian Vultureसफ़ेद गिद्ध, गोबर गिद्ध
38.Crested BuntingCrested Buntingचिरटा, पत्थर चिड़िया
40.Common Hawk-CuckooCommon Hawk-Cuckooपपीहा
42.Chukar PartridgeChukar Partridgeचकोर
43.Blue jayBlue jayनीलकंठ
44.Black-Headed IBISBlack-Headed IBISकचाटोर, सफेद बाझ, मुंडा
45.Black DrongoBlack Drongoकोतवाल, भुजंग
47.Asian KoelAsian Koelकोयल
48.Ashy PriniaAshy Priniaफुत्की
49.Alexandrine Parakeet Alexandrine Parakeet सिकंदर, पहाड़ी तोता
50.Vulture Vultureगिद्ध

Birds Name Pdf File

Collection of 50+ birds name pdf file is here get it to learn birds name in offline mode all birds name given like parrot, vulture, ashy prinia click here

Birds scientific name

English Hindi Scientific
SkylarkचकवाAlauda arvensis
RookकौआCorvus frugilegus
Ravenकाला कौआCorvus corax
Pigeons/ DoveकबूतरColumbidae
PheasantतीतरPhasianus colchicus
PewitटीटहरीVanellus vanellus
Peregrine FalconशाहीनFalco peregrinus
PeahenमोरनीPavo cristatus
PeacockमोरPavo cristatus
Painted Storkकठसारंग/ जंघिल/ कंकरीMycteria leucocephala
OspreyमछलीमारPandion haliaetus
MynahमैनाAcridotheres tristis
Larkभारव्दाज़ पक्षीAlaudidae
KiteचीलMilvus migrans
Kingfisherराम चिरैयाAlcedinidae
Indian Robinकाली चिड़ीSaxicoloides fulicatus
Indian Bush LarkअगीयाMirafra erythroptera
flamingoराजहंसPhoenicopterus roseus
Heronअंधा बगुलाArdeidae
Henमुर्गीGallus gallus domesticus
Grey PartridgeतीतरPerdix perdix
Great EgretबगुलाArdea alba
Gooseहंस/ कलहंसAnser
Falcon/ Falcoबाज़Falco
Eurasian Hobbyकश्मिरी मोरास्सानी, धूतीFalco subbuteo
Egyptian Vultureसफ़ेद गिद्ध, गोबर गिद्धNeophron percnopterus

10 Birds Name

Top Easy pronounce birds name like Lark (भारव्दाज़ पक्षी), Kingfisher (राम चिरैया), Swan (हंस), Pewit (टीटहरी) ,Parrot (तोता),Falcon (शाहीन), Woodpecker (कठफोड़वा), Eagle (चील), Weaver (बयापक्षी) , & ostrich (शुतुरमुर्ग).

Birds Name Infographic

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Question & Answer

What is the 10 Birds name?

Here is 10 Birds Name.

Which is our national bird?

The peacock is our national bird.

How many Birds are there in the world?

There are 10000 plus species are found in the world.

Which is the largest bird in India?

The great Indian bustard is the largest bird in India.

What is the 20 birds name?

This is a 20 birds name Woodpecker, Weaver, Swan, Sparrow, Skylark, Rook, Raven, Pigeons/ Dove, Pheasant, Pewit, Peregrine Falcon, Peahen, Peacock, Parrot, Painted Stork, Owl, Ostrich, Osprey, Mynah, Lark.


Peacock (मोर)

Scientific name:- Pavo cristatus

The scientific name is Pavo cristatus it is also known as peafowl this is the national bird of India the peacock has two types of species first is blue peacock is mainly found in India and Sri Lanka and second is green peacock is found in Java and Myanmar this is short information about the peacock.


Parrot (तोता)

Scientific name:- Psittaciformes

The scientific name of parrots is Psittaciformes. these birds are very intelligent birds they can also learn and speak the human language also Parrots are mainly found in India.



Scientific name:- Accipitridae

The Scientific name of the eagle is Accipitridae. Eagle is very powerful and large birds. These birds are mainly found in North America Peregrine falcons after eagle are the fastest birds in the world.


Bat (चमगादड़)

Scientific name:- Chiroptera

The Scientific name of the Bat is Chiroptera.bat cannot move their finger the maximum age of bat is 30 years. these birds are found in continents except one is Antarctica these birds are mainly used in horror movies

woodpecker bird

Woodpecker (कठफोड़वा)

Scientific name:- Picidae

The Scientific name of the Woodpecker is Picidae. these birds are mostly found in forest areas because these birds for pecking holes in tree bark to find insects to eat.woodpecker are mainly found in New Zealand, New Guinea, Australia, and polar regions


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