Birds Name in Hindi & English with Pictures

Birds Name in Hindi & English (पक्षियों के नाम) with pictures help you to learn Birds name for your nursery & primary school and also for general knowledge.50+ Names are Provide with pictures in table format & birds Scientific name and some information about birds help you to improve your knowledge.

In recent studies & research in birds have 18000+ species of birds. are there in the world and many birds look similar but species are different this thing in their birds are make very unique. we are given some birds name help you in studies & Pdf of birds list are also provide with pictures if you want more birds name then click here.

Birds Name

Birds Name

1.Duck Birds nameDuckबतख़
2.hen birds nameHenमुर्गी
3.eagle birds nameEagleचील
4.kite birds nameKiteचील
5.parrot birds nameParrotतोता
6.Sparrow birds nameSparrowगौरेया
7.Mynah birds nameMynahमैना
8.Owl birds nameOwlउल्लू
9.Ostrich birds nameOstrichशुतरमुर्ग
10.Peacock birdPeacockमोर
11.cock brids nameCockमुर्गा
12.Crane birds nameCraneसारस
13.Crow birds nameCrowकौवा
14.Pigeons Birds namePigeons/ Doveकबूतर
15.cuckoo birds nameCuckooकोयल
16.Swan birds nameSwanहंस
17.woodpecker birds nameWoodpeckerकठफोड़वा
18.Skylark birds nameSkylarkचकवा
19.pheasant birds namePheasantतीतर
20.Pewit birds namePewitटीटहरी
21.Weaver Birds nameWeaverबयापक्षी
22.Raven birds nameRavenकाला कौआ
23.Rook birds nameRookकौआ
24.Great Egret Birds nameGreat Egretबगुला
25.Peahen Birds namePeahenमोरनी
26.Grey Partridge Birds nameGrey Partridgeतीतर
27.Lark Birds nameLarkभारव्दाज़ पक्षी
28.Blue jay Birds nameBlue jayनीलकंठ
29.Heron Birds nameHeronअंधा बगुला
30.Goose Birds nameGooseहंस/ कलहंस
31.Falcon Birds nameFalcon/ Falcoबाज़
32.Indian Bush Lark bird nameIndian Bush Larkअगीया
33.Painted Stork Birds namePainted Storkकठसारंग/ जंघिल/ कंकरी
34.Indian Robin birds nameIndian Robinकाली चिड़ी
35.Black Drongo Birds nameBlack Drongoकोतवाल, भुजंग
36.Asian Koel Birds nameAsian Koelकोयल
37.chukar partridge birds nameChukar Partridgeचकोर
38.Crested Bunting Birds nameCrested Buntingचिरटा, पत्थर चिड़िया
39.Common Hawk-Cuckoo Bird nameCommon Hawk-Cuckooपपीहा
40.Ashy Prinia Birds nameAshy Priniaफुत्की
41.Osprey BIrds nameOspreyमछलीमार
42.Peregrine Falcon Birds namePeregrine Falconशाहीन
43.Egyptian Vulture Birds nameEgyptian Vultureसफ़ेद गिद्ध, गोबर गिद्ध
44.Alexandrine Parakeet Bird nameAlexandrine Parakeetसिकंदर, पहाड़ी तोता
45.seagull Birds nameseagullसीगल
46.Black-Headed Ibis Birds nameBlack-Headed Ibisकचाटोर, सफेद बाझ, मुंडा
47.Eurasian Hobby bird nameEurasian Hobbyकश्मिरी मोरास्सानी, धूती
48.bat birds nameBatचमगादड़
49.swallow birds nameswallowअबाबील
50.flamingo birds nameflamingoराजहंस
Birds Name

List Pdf of Birds Name

Hindi & English List Pdf 50+ (पक्षियों के नाम) with images in table format download in one click on download button this pdf created and made by

10 Birds Name in English & Hindi

  • Duck (बतख़).
  • Eagle (चील).
  • Parrot (तोता).
  • Sparrow (गौरेया).
  • Mynah (मैना).
  • Owl (उल्लू).
  • Ostrich (शुतरमुर्ग).
  • Peacock (मोर).
  • Cock (मुर्गा).
  • Crane (सारस).

These are all scientific names of birds that help you to improve your knowledge and you know about the name of the scientific name of birds.

English Hindi Scientific 
Pigeons/ DoveकबूतरColumbidae
Duckबतख़Anas Platyrhynchos
EagleचीलHieraatus Spilogaster
KiteचीलMilvus migrans
Kingfisherराम चिरैयाCoraciiformes
MynahमैनाAcridotheres tristis
Ostrichशुतरमुर्गStruthio Camelus
PeacockमोरPavo Cristatus
SwanहंसCygnus Atratus
SkylarkचकवाAlauda arvensis
PheasantतीतरPhasianus colchicus
PewitटीटहरीPhasianus colchicus
Ravenकाला कौआCorvus corax
RookकौआCorvus Frugilegus
Great EgretबगुलाArdea alba
PeahenमोरनीPavo Cristatus
Grey PartridgeतीतरPerdix perdix
Larkभारव्दाज़ पक्षीAlaudidae
Blue jayनीलकंठCyanocitta cristata
Heronअंधा बगुलाArdeola
Gooseहंस/ कलहंसAnserini
Falcon/ Falcoबाज़Falco
Indian Bush LarkअगीयाMirafra erythroptera
Painted Storkकठसारंग/ जंघिल/ कंकरीMycteria leucocephala
Indian Robinकाली चिड़ीSaxicoloides fulicatus
Black Drongoकोतवाल/ भुजंगDicrurus macrocercus
Asian KoelकोयलEudynamys scolopaceus
Chukar PartridgeचकोरAlectoris chukar
Crested Buntingचिरटा/ पत्थर चिड़ियाEmberiza lathami
Common Hawk-CuckooपपीहाHierococcyx varius
Ashy Priniaफुत्कीPrinia socialis
OspreyमछलीमारPandion haliaetus
Peregrine FalconशाहीनFalco peregrinus
Egyptian Vultureसफ़ेद गिद्ध, गोबर गिद्धNeophron percnopterus
Alexandrine Parakeetसिकंदर, पहाड़ी तोताPsittacula eupatria
Indian Bush LarkअगीयाMirafra erythroptera
Eurasian Hobbyकश्मिरी मोरास्सानी/ धूतीFalco subbuteo
Birds Name

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Short information about Birds

Duck Birds name

Duck (बतख़)

Scientific Name: Anatidae

The scientific name of the duck is Anatidae. duck birds are also called waterfowls this bird are mainly found in Water maximum life of a duck is twenty years. A male duck is called a drake and the female is called a duck.

eagle birds name

Eagle (चील)

Scientific Name: Haliaeetus leucocephalus

The scientific name of the Eagle is Haliaeetus leucocephalus. powerfully built bird of prey, with heavy heads and beaks. Eagle is the fastest bird average speed of the eagle is 120 km/h – 160 km/h one of the fastest bird in the category.

parrot birds name

Parrot (तोता)

Scientific Name: Psittaciformes

The scientific name of the Parrot is Psittaciformes. In a Circus, the parrot mainly uses to the entertainment of people In the Birds category parrot is one of the most intelligent birds. Some species are known for imitating human voices.

Mynah birds name

Mynah (मैना)

Scientific Name: Acridotheres tristis

The scientific name of the Mynah is Acridotheres tristis. these birds are generally found in southern Asia, especially India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh the average life of mynah 12 and 25 years maximum of 25-year mynah are live on earth. mynah Hill and common mynahs are renowned for their ability to mimic human voices.

Owl birds name

Owl (उल्लू)

Scientific Name: Strigiformes

The scientific name of the Owl is Strigiformes. In owl have more than 200 species. one of the most interesting things about owl is owl can rotate the neck 270 degrees & owl are generally found in a tree. owl see clear more than 80 times as far compared to humans.

Ostrich birds name

Ostrich (शुतरमुर्ग)

Scientific Name: Struthio camelus

The ostrich bird is flightless with long legs these legs help to bird run fast the speed of this bird is 70km per hour on the surface of the earth this bird national bird of Africa & the mainly found in Africa this bird are tall almost 9 feet.

Peacock bird

Peacock (मोर)

Scientific Name: Pavo cristatus

Peacock is the national bird of India Peacock are colorful birds mainly green & blue are more in These birds are mainly eating insects, plants, fruit, seeds, ants, flies, snakes, and amphibians peacock are mainly found in India. the male is a peacock, and the female is a peahen; both are peafowl.

Crow birds name

Crow (कौवा)

Scientific Name: Corvus

Crow is mainly found in the city and village are in street light & top of the building these birds. the sound of the crow is loud like “caw.” the clour of these birds are mainly black these birds are very intelligent there is nothing more about crow this bird is very common to see anywhere.

Swan birds name

Swan (हंस)

Scientific Name: Cygnus

The scientific name of the swan is Cygnus. swan is mainly found in the water this bird is the largest waterfowl species. the average life of a swan is 12 to 30 years the average height of a swan is 62 inches & the weight of this bird thirty pounds.

woodpecker birds name

Woodpecker (कठफोड़वा)

Scientific Name: Picidae

The scientific name of the woodpecker is Picidae. This bird has strong claws and feet that help to make drilling and drumming on trees. the woodpecker mainly eats insects, berries, nuts, and seeds. wild woodpecker’s average age is 4 to 12 years & other woodpecker’s average life is 20 to 30 years.

Falcon Birds name

Falcon (बाज़)

Scientific Name: Falco

Falcon bird has 40 different species these birds kill with their beaks, using a “tooth” on the side. falcon bird is the fastest bird the average falcon is 390 km per hour this bird is found in all countries except Antarctica. the average age of falcon is 13 years.

Indian Bush Lark bird name

Indian Bush Lark (अगीया)

Scientific Name: Mirafra erythroptera

The scientific name of the Indian Bush Lark is Mirafra erythroptera. Indian Bush Lark these species have come from lark species this bird is mainly found in South Asia these birds are very common in India in villages clean environment found this bird easily.


Which bird is our national bird ?

Indian peacock is national bird of india.

What are 10 birds ?

Duck (बतख़), Eagle (चील), Parrot (तोता), Sparrow (गौरेया), Mynah (मैना), Owl (उल्लू), Ostrich (शुतरमुर्ग), Peacock (मोर), Cock (मुर्गा), Crane (सारस) this all 10 birds name in English & Hindi.

How many bird species in the world with names ?

18000+ Birds Species are discovered in a recent study of birds in the world.

5 Natural birds names in English ?

Crow, Peacock, Dove, Sparrow, Goose These are 5 natural bird’s names in English.

Write the names of the 2 birds that you can see in the park near your home?

Crow & Pigeons this are 2 birds that me see in the park near my home.

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